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Lake Lugano

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Zoo Al Maglio

Via ai Mulini 14, CH-6983 Magliaso - www.zooalmaglio.ch
Tel. +41 91 606 14 93 / Fax. +41 91 606 64 23

About The Zoo

Zoo Al Maglio is a small family-friendly zoo situated on the banks of the Magliasina river. The wildlife park boasts of having over 100 animals and birds from various regions of the world. The line-up includes: Leopards, Lions, Tigers, Monkeys, Panthers, Parrots and a variety of Exotic Birds.

Getting There

To reach Zoo Al Maglio you need to take the train from Lugano station which heads out in the direction of Agno Airport, Caslano and Ponte Tresa. Disembark from the train when you reach Magliaso which is the next stop immediately after Agno.

Opening Times & Admission

  • Open Daily
    April to October from 9 AM to 7 PM
    November to March from 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Prices
    Adults: CHF 9.00
    Children: CHF 5.00