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Lugano Golf Club

Golf Club Lugano, via Boett, CH - 6983 Magliaso
Telephone +41 (0)91 606 15 57 / Fax +41 (0)91 606 65 58

Travel 8km West of Lugano and you will reach Magliaso where you can find the spectacular 18 hole (par 70) Lugano Golf Club. This championship golf course is conveniently located close to Lugano-Agno lugano golf club Airport and all the main road and rail links that serve the region, making it easy to reach by car, train and plane.

Lugano Golf Club was originally founded in 1923 from a design drawn up by the architect Donald Harradine. However, since 1992 the course has undergone some fairly extensive modifications with the professional help of course designer Cabell B. Robinson. The result is that Lugano Golf Club is of a standard that could easily be compared to that of courses in the more traditional golfing regions of Spain and Portugal.

The course has been developed predominantly on flat ground but its clever design still ensures golfers are given a challenging game. For example, the river running through the course has been effortlessly incorporated into the course layout and on numerous occasions the golfer is led across this natural hazard. In order to make the course more interesting there are a variety of long and short holes and fairways of different widths. Some of these are so narrow that they require the golfer to proceed with total concentration, which keeps players on their toes and is a real challenge to their skill and technique. Taking into account the design and clever use of natural obstacles it would be fair to say that this course is best described as technically demanding.

The landscaping of the course has also been designed with as much attention to detail. Lush vegetation runs alongside the fairways and is a definite asset to the overall look and feel of the course. Tall Birch Trees, Oaks, Spruces and Azaleas thrive in harmony and Rhododendrons with their striking colours make a wonderful contrast to the perfectly manicured greens.

Lugano Golf Club's facilities are excellent and they include a restaurant, bar and pro shop. What's more there is also plenty of opportunity to perfect your game as there is an 18 bay driving range plus some putting and pitching greens to practice on.

As Lugano Golf Course is located in the vicinity of some of Switzerland's most loved tourist destinations it does mean the course has a tendency to get busy, especially during the high season. It is therefore advisable to reserve your tee time before actually arriving at the club.

Getting There

Lugano Golf Club is 8km West of Lugano. You can reach it easily by rail from the city. Just catch the train from Lugano main station which takes you in the direction of Agno Airport and Magliaso. Get off the train at Magliaso and the golf course is right next to the station.

Opening Hours

  • Reception: from 08.00 to 17.30
  • Course: from 08.00 to sunset
  • Driving Range: from 08.00 to 16.45